DK88 all-in-one poker analyzer

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DK88 all-in-one poker analyzer is a kind of poker cheat device that was fixed a camera lens into the cell phone. When you are playing poker game with it, turn the power on and set the rules of the game, then put it on the poker table. Its scanning camera will scan barcode marked cards automatically, and the poker analyzer will analyze the data. Your partner will can see the image on the background. You will know the result by an earpiece. With this all-in-one poker analyzer, you can cheat any kind of poker game. Also, you can use it as a cell phone. This kind of poker analyzer can receive and send message, WIFI connecting, Bluetooth, and you can download many games and soft.
Camera lens : single lens
Scan distance : 40-60 cm
Scanning area : 0-40 cm
Battery life : 3 hours
Language : English & Chinese
Battery replaceable
DK88 All-in-one analyzer : 1 pcs
Battery : 2 pcs
Charger : 1 pcs
This kind of all-in-one poker analyzer works with barcode marked cards. You can use it to gamble any kind of poker game, such as Texas holdem, Baccarat, Omaha, Blackjack.
DK88 all-in-one poker analyzer

DK88 all-in-one poker analyzer

DK88 all-in-one poker analyzer

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