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This is our state-of-the-art poker cheat device in the world. This kind of product has been invented by our specialists. Many people don’t know this product. Now you can know more about it in this page.
  1. It is suitable for any kind of poker game, such as Texas holdem, 4-card Omaha, 5-card Omaha, Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, Baccarat, Indian Flush.
  2. It has two language versions: Chinese language and English language.
  3. Short distance scanning camera lens and long distance scanning camera lens are suited to work with CVK350 poker analyzer.
  4. With its high speed, you can hear the result in 0.1s.
  5. The poker analyzer can report the result to you in different forms such as reading poker cards one by one or reporting the direct poker results: the first winner, second winner or the rank of each poker hand.
  6. The best results can be known by earpiece, vibrator, speaker, screen show or Bluetooth.
  7. The number of players can be changed by setting software, button on the analyzer or wireless remote controller.
  8. The battery for this analyzer can last 3 hours. If it powers off, you can charge it again.
  1. It is a normal cell phone, so no one will any flaw from it.
  2. Its fastest speed will help you know the best result you want in time.
  3. You can master the whole poker cheat process when you have it.
  4. Any kind of scanning camera lens is fit for CVK350 poker analyzer.
Our latest CVK350 poker predictor is suitable for any kind of poker game. So if you want to win a lot of money in the casino, why not choose one kind of poker cheat devices to help you?
Latest CVK350 poker predictor
Latest CVK350 poker predictor
Latest CVK350 poker predictor
Latest CVK350 poker predictor

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