Monitoring Mahjong cheating system

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Today, more and more people like playing Mahjong games. But how to win a lot of money by playing Mahjong poker games? Our monitoring Mahjong cheating system can help you. The mahjong table will send out a wireless single to the computer which has installed a special software. From the software, you can see all the tiles that face down. And then, from the monitor, you can see all the tiles that face up as a spy pinhole camera lens. So that you will know all the tiles on the table. It is a monitoring mahjong system. No matter what is your rules, as you will know all the tiles of the mahjong. Also, you can send your mahjong and table for us. We can process them as you want.
Pinhole camera lens scan distance : 3-4 m
Pinhole camera lens scan area : 1 sq.m
Shuffling time : 19-25 s
Back receive distance: short for 500 m
Mahjong table part :  1 set
Computer with software : 1 pcs
Spy pin hole camera lens: 1 set
Mahjong :  1 set (Blue and Green)

Monitoring Mahjong cheating system

Monitoring Mahjong cheating system

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