Cell phone monitor system for back marked cards

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HTC cell phone monitor system is more and more popular in the world. A cell phone can instead of the whole monitoring system, you can play poker games without fixing spy camera lens in advance. If you do not want to wear contact lenses to see the marks on the back, using our monitoring system cell phone is an easy thing for you to play poker games. With this poker cheat device, you can play the poker game anywhere you want. We have hidden the spy pin hole camera into the cell phone and installed a certain software. You can take a photo and then review at the photo or you can see the marks lively. This is a HTC smart cell phone, you can also download the soft what you want. The marked cards for this monitoring system can not be seen by infrared contact lenses.
Camera lens : spy pin hole camera lens
Scan distance : within 1 m
Scan area : 0-50 cm
Battery life : 3 hours
Language : English & Chinese    
Battery replaceable
HTC monitor system :  1 pcs
Test cards :  5 pieces
Battery :  2 pcs
Charger :  1 pcs

Cell phone monitor system for back marked cards

Cell phone monitor system for back marked cards

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