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Special baccarat table

Date: 2014-05-27 17:56

Baccarat poker game is very popular in the world. And our company sells different baccarat tables to the foreign countries. We are a big company in China and if you are interested in our baccarat table, please call us.

The baccarat table comes in many sizes, based on the type of the game. The biggest table is for the Cuban Punto Bunco version of the game, which is 12 feet long, can accommodate 14 players at once. The smallest table is of the mini baccarat, which can play only six players. For the other versions of the game, tables that are 10 feet long are available. The baccarat table looks like a blackjack table and the layout is covered with green felt. It is divided into three parts. The croupier sits on the seat at the centre of the table and makes the deals and manages money.

Baccarat table in our company is with good quality. Besides this, we can set some camera inside theses baccarat table and then it can cheat at baccarat poker game. More baccarat cheating devices from here will not let you upset.