Poker cameras fixed inside such items as power bank, car keyare usually used for reading barcode marked cards, while the poker camera fixed inside our lamps are intended for scanning back marked cards. We hide our poker camera in the lamps of differe

Cigarette Case Poker Marks ReaderDate: 2017-06-09 14:19:52

Many people like to smoke while playing poker games, which makes cigarette case a common item in different gambling places like clubs and casinos. We have fixed a poker camera in the bottom of a common cigarette case, turning the case into a poker ma

Our automatic dice cup can help dice players become the biggest winner in dice gambling by working with electronic dice and a remote control. The special part of this automatic dice cup is the cup tray, which has been processed by our professional te

Lighter Poker Barcodes ScannerDate: 2017-06-06 14:03:00

Many poker players like to smoke while playing poker games, so it is necessary for them to bring a lighter along. What a lighter can be used to do in gambling except lighting up cigarettes? In a situation where other poker players are smoking as well

Our company manufactures all kinds of m arked decks, among which Da Vinci is one of the most recommended brands. Comparable to or even better than both KEM and Copag cards, Da Vinci cards have been widely recognized as the worlds finest cards. Made o