A piece of clothes with long sleeve is one of the items we use to carry our poker camera. The camera is usually hidden in the cuff of the sleeve, too concealable to be discovered by other people.It has HD double camera lenses, capable of scanning mar

Leather Belt Barcode Marking ReaderDate: 2017-08-11 10:19:07

We usually hide our poker camera lens in common daily items, turning them into barcode marking readers. As a result, we have barcode marking reader, car key barcode marking reader, barcode marking reader, cigarette case barcode marking reader, tissue

Car Key Barcode Marking ReaderDate: 2017-08-10 09:54:25

Our company usually fix a poker camera lens in the car keys of different auto brands, such as Benz,Toyota,Honda and Volkswagen and so on, turning them into barcode marking readers. For your information, we can also fix it in your car key if you want.

Wallet Barcode Marking ReaderDate: 2017-08-09 09:48:17

Most barcode marking readers we sell usually have one poker camera lens fixed inside, while there are two poker camera lenses hidden in our wallet barcode marking readers, both long style and short style. We have such wallets, barcode marking readers

The iPhone 6 power cases we usually see in daily life are normally used only to charge cellphone, while those sold by our company can also be applied to scan barcode cards for poker cheat. The iPhone 6 power case we sell look exactly the same as thos