AKK A1 Poker AnalyzerDate: 2018-01-18 13:02:57

we will makeanintroductionofapokeranalyzer,whichishelpfulforuserstowin TexasHoldem easily. ThepokeranalyzeriscalledAKKA1.ThereisafingerprintidentificationsysteminstalledinAKKA1.Itcanscanmarkedcardsin360angledegreewhetherthecardsareplacedonthetableorh

Chip Tray Camera LensDate: 2018-01-17 13:17:04

Chip Tray Camera Lens, its helpful for you to win texas holdem easily. Chip tray camera lens is widely used in casino. Many casino owners use this to help players to cheat at Texas Holdem, Omaha or other poker games. The camera lens is installed insi

Watch camera for analyzerDate: 2018-01-11 13:35:53

If youre worried about put a poker analyzer on the tables may arouse suspicion, hoping to find a good bar code scanner disguised as a common project in everyday life, we recommend that you try our watches here bar code mark card scanner. The watches

Poker analyzer system is one of the most popular cheating sets around the world. The whole system usually consists of a poker analyzer, an external poker camera, barcode marked cards and an earpiece. Such latest poker analyzers as AKK K4, K5 and A1 a

Pullover Hoody Poker ScannerDate: 2018-01-05 10:08:31

The pullover hoody we sell not only can be used to keep you warm in winter, but also can be used to help you cheat in poker. When it comes to the latter, our pullover hoody is usually used as a poker scanner for barcode marked cards. On the outside,