Poker Shoes for baccarat CheatDate: 2019-03-26 16:52:20

If you are in the market for a poker shoe which can help you win money in Baccarat game, we have the folowing choices for you: 1.a poker shoe with a poker camera ( supporting devices: barcode marked cards, a wireless sender, a wireless receiver, a TV

We can provide many different cheating systems for people who want to cheat in Baccarat game, including the fiber-optical card shuffler system. The whole system includes three parts: a cheating card shuffler, a special cellphone and a remote control O

Scanning Cameras for Marked CardsDate: 2019-03-19 15:55:49

Our company has two types of scanning cameras for sale: one is intended for back marked cards , and the other is for edge marked cards. The former scanning cameras are usually installed into such items as smoke detector, fluorescent lamp, ceiling lam

Baccarat Odds Calculator Poker CameraDate: 2019-03-14 17:38:51

People who play Baccarat poker a lot must be familiar with such common gamblingdevicesas odds calculator, the device normally used for the electronic recording of poker results. We canmake our Baccarat odds calculator part of poker analyzing system b

To cheat in car games with our AKK A2 poker analzyer, you can know the gambling results before dealing cards in the following ways: 1. If AKK A2 reports 3, you should know that the third player has the best poker hand on the table. 2. If AKK A2 repor