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AKK A1 Poker Analyzer

Date: 2018-01-18 13:02

we will make an introduction  of a poker analyzer, which is helpful for users to win Texas Holdem easily.
The poker analyzer is called AKK A1. There is a fingerprint identification system installed in AKK A1.It can scan marked cards in 360 angle degree whether the cards are placed on the table or held in your hands and then report poker results accurately within 0.1 second. Its scanning range is 23 to 48cm in length and 30cm in width. , which can make it impossible for other people to find out the cheating function of such a normal-looking cellphone.
The built-in A1 500W HD imported image processing chip, a wide range of great depth of collocation high-definition camera, optical imaging of 64 layers of antiglare, with the original akk enhancement and dynamic adjustment technology, significantly enhance the report card recognition results.
It also can match one to one invisible earplug, without Bluetooth adapter, you can match a number of frequency points of free collocation, so that the host and headphones become unique, headphones can be 10 meters away from the host.
There is a fingerprint identification system installed in AKK A1, which can make it impossible for othe people to find out the cheating function of such a normal-looking cellphone.There isn’t even one Chinese word.support games:Texas Holdem,Ohama,Ohama Hi-Low,2 lane flop Omaha
India in out game,India flush game,3 card game,baccarat game,blackjack game,seka,Vietnam game and many other games in the world,program can be customized.
This poker analyzer report card open the gate of game rules from all over the world.such as:three, bull, Jinhua, treasure, treasure Allison, 9:30, 9, 2, 3, 28 bar, stud, water skiing, 2 small, 4 small, nine, big nine, 2 pier 3, 2 pier three, texas holdem, Vietnam three, a beach, fifty K, 1 Ningbo 7 pair of landlords, let the game player have more chocie to play! Of course, what’s the advantage of this analyzer?it makes a great change on the position of the scanning cards, built in wide-angle focus lens, focusing around 25-48 centimeters , let the game player control the board more easily!