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Watch camera for analyzer

Date: 2018-01-11 13:35

If you're worried about put a poker analyzer on the tables may arouse suspicion, hoping to find a good bar code scanner disguised as a common project in everyday life, we recommend that you try our watches here bar code mark card scanner.

The watches we sell have different styles. They all have fashionable appearance and fine workmanship.We turned them into bar-coded card scanners by installing the poker camera inside them.A poker camera can scan a bar code tag on your hand or scan a barcode mark 20 to 40cm away from the camera.The former and the latter can fast, high accuracy, the stability strong scanning mark card.

The poker cameras hidden in our watches are not to be discovered by others.

Our watch barcoed tag can play a big role in the scanning work and poker analyzer, whether it is PK wang, CVK or AKK series.

If you are interested in our watch bar code scanning card, welcome to contact us!