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Various Marked Cards Scanners for Sale

Date: 2017-11-09 09:45

To avoid arousing suspicion from other people in gambling occasions, we usually install a poker camera in those items commonly seen in daily life, turning them into marked cards scanners. As a result, we have various marked cards scanners for sale.

If you want marked cards scanners for edge marked cards, we can provide you with cell phone marked cards scanner, chip tray marked cards scanner, car key marked cards scanner, watch marked cards scanner, wallet marked cards scanner, lighter marked cards scanner, ashtray marked cards scanner, tissue box marked cards scanner, cigarette case marked cards scanner, power bank marked cards scanner and so on.

If you need marked cards scanners for back marked cards, we can install our poker camera into smoke detector, fluorescent lamp, ceiling tile, TV set and other items for you.

marked cards scanners for edge marked cards usually have a short scanning distance ( within 20 to 80 centimeters ), including all of those mentioned above, and marked cards scanners for back marked cards usually have a long scanning distance ( about 1 to 5 meters ). If you are looking for a marked cards scanner with long scanning distance for edge marked cards, you can try our black box marked cards scanner or plastic flowerpot marked cards scanner.

We can assure you that the poker camera(s) installed inside any of those common items are completely concealable and they won’t be discovered even by those who check our marked cards scanners carefully. If you are interested in our marked cards scanner(s), please contact us!