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Monitoring System for Mahjong Gambling Cheat

Date: 2017-10-13 15:47

Our monitoring system for Mahjong gambling cheat consists of six parts: a programmed Mahjong table, Mahjong tiles, a computer with cheating software, a monitor, a pinhole spy camera and an earpiece.

For one thing, the spy pinhole camera should be fixed in the lamp hanging above the Mahjong table so that it can scan the Mahjong tiles in an easy way. Through this pinhole spy camera, you can see those tiles that face up on the monitor screen.

For another, the Mahjong table has been installed with a cheating program and the computer has been installed with a special software. In the cheating process, the programmed Mahjong table will send out wireless singles to the computer and then the software in the computer will turn the signals into images so that you can see all the tiles that face down. 

In order to know all the tiles, facing up or facing down, on the Mahjong table, you need to get a cheating partner in the backstage to tell you the information through the earpiece. In this way, it is just a piece of cake for you to be the biggest winner in Mahjong games.