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Poker Cheating Software

Date: 2017-10-11 14:58

Our company sells many poker cheating devices like poker analyzer, cheating contact lenses and marked cards, to reduce their chance of losing and even increase their chance of winning. In addition to these cheating devices, poker cheating software is another choice for users to gain advantages over other poker players in this game.
Poker cheating software can be installed in a cell phone, a computer and a TV. In order to succeed in cheating poker, it is necessary for users to apply a cheating camera and barcode marked cards to the cheating process. The camera can be fixed in many different common daily items like a watch, a lighter, a car key, a shirt button and so on, to avoid attracting attention and arousing suspicion of other poker players. After the camera reads the barcode marked cards, it will  send the information of the cards to the cell phone, the computer or the TV, which, with the poker cheating software, can analyze the poker result quickly and accurately before the cards are dealt. There are many different forms of poker results set in this software, such as the best winner poker hand, the best and the second best winner hand, the poker hand ranks of all players, flop, turn and river. Besides, it can also let you know the poker face of each card if you want. Users can play the following part of the game sensibly and cautiously by knowing the poker result in advance.
If you are desirous of winning a lot of money in poker and interested in our poker cheating software, please feel free to contact us!