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Baccarat Transparent Poker Shoe with Poker Analyzer

Date: 2017-05-15 14:56

Poker shoe is a necessary gambling tool for Baccarat, and it also can be one of the best cheating devices for the game. Our company produces five types of poker shoes for Baccarat cheat: hand control second deal poker shoe, remote control second deal poker shoe, remote induction poker shoe, magic poker shoe and transparent poker shoe with Baccarat poker analyzer. Here in this article, we focus on the last one — Baccarat transparent poker shoe with .poker analyzer.


The whole cheating system also includes a scanning camera, barcode marked cards, a remote control and an earpiece, in addition to a Baccarat transparent poker shoe and poker analyzer.


The poker shoe is a transparent and ordinary poker dealer without being processed, while the poker shoe is not a common poker predictor with the Baccarat cheating software installed in it. The poker analyzer can hold 8 decks of barcode marked cards. Before the game starts, users need to put the scanning camera where it can read the cards. The camera can be fixed in many gambling devices on the Baccarat table, such as the bell and the monitor. The remote control is for turning on the camera. After the camera reads the cards, the poker analyzer can analyze the poker result of every round quickly and accurately. Through the earpiece, users can hear the poker results clearly.

Our transparent poker shoe with Baccarat poker analyzer can be used for poker cheat in private poker party, poker match, magic show, casino gamble and so on. If you are interested in this Baccarat cheating system, welcome to contact us!