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AKK K4 Poker Analyzer With Baccarat Cheating Software

Date: 2017-05-09 15:06

Our AKK K4 poker analyzer is a great cheating device for many poker games like Omaha, Texas holdem and Flush. It can let you know who is the biggest winner, the ranks of all players, the best and second best poker hand or other poker results before the games starts. You just need to set the poker analyzer for whatever kind of poker results you want to know in advance. With the Baccarat cheating software, it is also a great weapon for cheating Baccarat. For more information about such a AKK K4, please read the following passages.
Scanning width:
The AKK K4 is fixed with a dual lens whose scanning width is as two times as that of its former generations, capable of reading barcode marked cards and reporting poker results more quickly, accurately and stably no matter its screen faces up or down.
P5 bluetooth power amplifier:
A P5 bluetooth power amplifier has been fixed in the AKK K4 poker analyzer, which can makes it reporting sound more clear even in the far distance.
Dedicated remote control:
The remote control, which can remotely control the dual lens, is dedicated to the AKK K4.
Program settings:
There are different program settings in our AKK K4 for your choice like reading poker cards one by one or reporting poker results directly: the first winner, second winner or the rank of each poker hand With a earpiece going with the AKK K4 poker soothsayer you can hear the reporting sound clearly.
Appearance design:
The AKK K4 poker analyzer features the original S4 mobile phone appearance design with 5-inch full-view high-definition LCD screen.It sis a real smart cellphone, allowing you to make calls, send massages, download music etc. In daily life.