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Baccarat Fiber-optical Card Shuffler System

Date: 2019-03-23 15:21

We can provide many different cheating systems for people who want to cheat in Baccarat game,  including the fiber-optical card shuffler system.
The whole system includes three parts: a cheating card shuffler, a special cellphone and a remote control
On the outside, there is nothing special about the cheating card shuffler while on the inside, a fiber-optical camera lens has been installed in it. The fiber-optical camera lens is capable of scanning rnormal playing cards quickly and then sending the cards’ information to the special cellphone immediately. It has good concealment, impossible to be discovered by other people, even those who check the card shuffler.

The special cellphone, with an analysis software installed, has the function of predicting Baccarat poker results and present them all on its screen as soon as the software has finished analyzing the data transferred from the fiber-optical camera lens.
If you are interested in our this fiber-optical card shuffler system, please don’t hesitate to contact us!