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Scanning Cameras for Marked Cards

Date: 2019-03-19 15:55

Our company has two types of scanning cameras for sale: one is intended for back marked cards , and the other is for edge marked cards.

The former scanning cameras are usually installed into such items as smoke detector, fluorescent lamp, ceiling lamp, tower fan and TV set. They have relatively long scanning distance -- about 1 to 6 meters.

The latter scanning cameras can be installed into many more common items like cell phone, power bank, car key, key ring, leather belt, small handbag, watch, bracelet, wallet, lighter, ashtray, water botle, tissue box and so on. They normally have a short scanning distance -- 20 to 80cm. As for the cameras with long scanning distance, they tend to be hidden in the following things: black box, plastic flowerpot, power strip, emergency light, wooden chair etc..

If you are looking for a scanning camera for marked cards, welcome to contact us!