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Signal-sending Dice

Date: 2019-02-19 15:22

Our signal-sending dice have a microchip installed inside, which can send wireless signals to a small vibrator, even with a bowl covering over the dice.
Before you play dice games, put the vibrator in your pocket. When you guess odd or even, the vibrator will let you know what the result is by shaking or not shaking: if the result is odd, it will shake, but if not, it won’t shake.
Such cheating dice look very normal and nothing unusual can be found if you smash them into pieces. We can make the signal-sending dice magnetic or non-magnetic. The non-magnetic dice won’t be disrupted by magnets at all.
We can provide you with signal-dice of our own or process your normal dice ( ransparent dice, bone dice or plastic dice ) into signal-sending dice. If you have needs, welcome to contact us.