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Baccarat Banker/Player Button Poker Camera

Date: 2018-11-30 10:13

If you play Baccarat poker a lot, you must be familiar with Baccarat button set -- Player button and Banker button.

Our Baccarat button set is exquisite in workmanship and good in quality. We usually turn the Player button or Banker button into a poker cheating device by installing a poker camera inside them, which can scan invisible poker barcodes within 20 to 40 centimeters from edge marked cards. . The poker camera, with good concealment, is not easy to be discovered by other people.

The poker camera can scan edge marked cards quickly, then collect the cards’ information accurately and last transfer the collected data to your poker analyzer ( PK King, CVK or AKK ) immediately. As soon as your poker analyzer completes the analysis of the data, it will tell you the poker result of each round.

If you are interested in our Baccarat button set poker camera, please don’t hesitate to contact us!