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Baccarat Cheating Table

Date: 2018-12-11 10:30

Our Baccarat cheating table has a  playing cards switcher ( poker size or bridge size ) hidden in the tabletop. It looks very normal in appearance since the switcher is completely concealable, impossible to be discovered by anyone else.
Before gambling, you need to hide a playing card ( a regular playing card, no need to be processed ) in the switcher in advance. While gambling, if the card can make a better poker hand for you, you can use the switcher to switch the useless card you don’t want with that one. 
Since the playing cards switcher hidden in the tabletop is pretty easy to handle, even if you have no experience with such a poker cheating tool, you will be able to become good at using it after some practice. If you are interested in  this Baccarat cheating table, welcome to contact us!