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Baccarat Cheating Systems

Date: 2018-12-07 15:12

Our company sells two kinds of poker cheating systems that can be used to help you win money in Baccarat: poker analyzing system and poker monitoring system.

A poker analyzing system is usually made up of four parts: barcode marked cards, a poker scanner, a poker analyzer and an earpiece. The poker analyzer has been installed with a poker analyzing software intended for many different poker games, such as Texas holdem, Omaha, Indian In Out and Baccarat. It can tell you whether the Banker wins, the Player wins, or Tiles secretly through the earpiece immediately after the poker scanner finishes scanning the barcode marked cards.

The poker monitoring system consists of seven parts: a cheating poker shoe, a monitor, barcode marked cards, two remote controllers, a wireless sender, a wireless receiver and an earpiece. The poker shoe is half transparent and we have installed a mini poker camera in its non-transparent part, which is so concealable that nobody will be able to discover its existence even you check the poker shoe carefully. The poker camera can scan the barcode marked cards contained in the poker shoe quickly and then present the barcodes along the card edges clearly on the monitor screen through the transmitter. These barcodes are special for the combination of their position and length determines what points they represent. According to such barcodes, your cheating partner(s) in backstage can, before dealing cards, figure out what poker result of each round it will be: the Banker wins, the Player wins or Tiles.

If you are interested in any of the two Baccarat cheating systems, welcome to contact us!