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Invisible Ink Marked Mahjong for You

Date: 2018-04-08 17:32

As we know, playing Mahjong is becoming a very popular Chinese home game. Expect China, there are many ethnic Chinese playing Mahjong game in the word such as those people in Singapore, Malaysia and so on. Let me introduce our invisible ink marked Mahjong for you.
This kind of Mahjong marked invisible ink on it, you cannot read the mark on Mahjong by your naked eyes. Only wearing our contact lenses, you can see it clear. You not only can see all marks to know the values of each player but also can decide what you need to do at next step. The invisible ink on Mahjong can last for a longer time. The Mahjong is also allowed to be processed by our company or using your own Mahjong. The marks can be printed 2 or 3 sides as you like.
Invisible ink marked Mahjong is useful for you to cheat in Mahjong game. You do not throw any profitable chance to help you win money. If you interest our product, just always keep touch with us.