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HD Cigarette Box Camera Lens for Poker Analyzer

Date: 2018-03-26 10:34

In poker cheating filed, we can make good use of our daily items to help cheat secretly. The cigarette box camera lens is that useful one for winning poker games with good concealment. There is a HD camera lens fixed inside the Cigarette box for successful poker cheat. 
The HD cigarette box camera lens is able to read the side marked cards clearly and speedily. After that, it will send the codes of cards to the poker analyzer at a high speed. And then, the poker analyzer will report the result you need. The cigarette box camera is HD camera, so this is a good advantage to read cards at any angle without any mistake. Besides, the cards can be read accurately even in a dark room. The cigarette box camera lens is very excellent for any kind of poker analyzers in the world. We also accept your special customization if you have a need. 
If you use the poker analyzer system in your poker games, the HD cigarette box camera lens is an excellent choice for you.