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Excellent Water Dispenser Camera Lens

Date: 2018-03-26 10:31

A poker cheat camera lens can be fixed inside may daily items. Therefore, the water dispenser is a also a good stuff to fix a camera lens inside. The water dispenser camera is very excellent for your poker gamble cheat. 
The water dispenser camera is very secret for poker cheating and it is very excellent for poker analyzer at a longer distance cheating because it is a long distance camera whose scanning distance can reach 1-6 meters. With powerful reading function, it will read the side marked cards with 100% accuracy and then send the codes of cards to the poker analyzer decoding at a high speed. In addition, this camera is a HD camera so that the marked cards can be read at any angle even in a dark light. With this excellent camera lens for your gamble cheat, there is no problem for you to operate the cheating smoothly and successfully. In the end, you will win the game easily.
If you need, we also accept your special customization about the water dispenser camera. Just contact us if your have demand.